Back in 2012 I put this list together inspired by the hysteria going in in Australia about the start date for the carbon. In part it was also about my own fatalism that it would stick, and that we’d be stuck with do-nothing as our approach to fixing something that would very much make our lives a misery.

I think it holds up, even if this summer’s emotional context is more the grim birds of inaction coming home to roost.

And maybe I don’t need the maybe in the title, either.

It’s just that not a lot of new music I hear sounds… new, any more.

That’s not a bad thing. A good wall of sound track is a good wall of sound track whether it was made in the early sixties or the late twenty-teens.

It’s just the joy of new sound experiences gets harder to find once you’ve layered up enough of those experiences to hear them coming around the pop music wheel for the second or third time.

It’s nice, but outside the rapidly emptying-out soundcloud rap ecosystem, where is the next evolution in pop coming from?

Tony Hodges

Is it too early for lunch?

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